Yoni Steam (also known as vsteam)

Yoni Steam (also known as vsteam)

35 min session

This is an all natural remedy for cleansing the female reproductive organs, including the vagina, cervix, and the uterus. This process has been used since Ancient times.

Herbs used are Rosemary, Chamomile, Wormwood, Mugwort, and Basil.

The purpose of Yoni Steaming is to encourage fertility and hormonal imbalances and to reduce menstrual cramps, infection, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues and Even Menopause. 

Must be 20 or older to use this Service.

Also, when doing this process afterwards it is imperative that you drink plenty of water to help with flushing system of toxins. (Preferably 8 or more glasses)

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